Chrysler adds 1,000+ employees!

Home building in the United States has seen a recent surge and therefore, construction companies and development businesses are in need of more trucks. Good for the economy and good for automakers, the housing industry’s increases also means much-needed job creation.

As a matter of fact, Chrysler recently added 1,000 employees to its crew at the Ram production factory in Warren, Mich. The mass hiring in is response to the growing demand for work trucks and in particular, the fuel-efficient Ram line of pickups.

In a recent article published by the Star Tribune, which is located in the Twin Cities, “Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne is predicting higher Ram sales because of the truck itself. The new Ram, which just hit the market, can get up to 25 miles per gallon on the highway and has a host of new technology, including a system that automatically shuts down the truck at stop lights to save fuel. Ram sales were up 20 percent in October over the same month last year.”

Because of the growing popularity for the new Ram, Chrysler will also invest $240 million in three Detroit-area plants to support truck and engine production. According to the Star Tribune, Chrysler’s global workforce will jump to 63,450.

We here at Bill Volz are proud to represent a vehicle that is adding a little muscle where our nation needs it most – job creation. To learn more about the strength behind the Ram brand, stop on by and check us out!

6 Tips for driving in foggy conditions

When a warm front and a cold front go toe-to-toe, bad driving conditions ensue. And it’s not necessarily easy to declare a winner. Us here in the Northeast deal with our fair share of foggy conditions. 

When forced to get on the road during a foggy day, there are a few tips that the folks here at Bill Volz take to heart. The following are courtesy of Yahoo.

  1. When traveling through foggy conditions – slow down. Fog creates low visibility. Thus, accidents can occur regardless of experience. In fact, most fog related fatalities are the result of a careless driver speeding on the highway.
  2. Although some foggy conditions will not interfere with visibility, it is important to keep fog lights on at all times. If traveling through thick fog, turn on regular lights. It may be tempting to drive with high beams glaring. However, this could interfere with other driver’s ability to see, which could result in a collision.
  3. If foggy conditions become intense, pull over and stop driving. Of course, make sure the pull off spot is in a safe location. Whenever possible, avoid the highway shoulders. If the fog is extremely thick, other drivers on the road may have difficulty staying within the lines, and may veer off onto the shoulder.
  4. Fog is common in cold or rainy conditions. Hence, the windshield may become foggy. To ensure safety, make sure that your defroster is properly working at all times. While driving through fog, keep the defroster on until conditions improve.
  5. It’s tempting to tailgate while driving in fog. When visibility is limited, we tend to rely on other drivers to guide us. However, keep in mind that their visibility is also limited. For this matter, do not follow other cars too closely. If a car were to stop suddenly or needed to make an urge maneuver, you run the risk of crashing into the car or something else.
  6. Rather than relying on other cars to guide you through fog, drive in the left lane, and keep a close eye on the white lines in the road. This way, you are able to remain in your lane.

At Bill Volz Westchester, we want to make sure you are protected against the elements that slam us the most here in the Northeast. 


Update on area events

Greetings followers,

This week’s blog update is a combination of events going on in our community, around the world, in our store and in our personal lives. 

Lets start in order of importance. Our community. On Friday(yesterday) we had denim day around our stores to show our support for childhood cancer research. In our community, Ty Louis Campbell is a young man who recently passed away with a very serious cancer. His legacy and spirit lives on. Please join us in our push for further children’s cancer research. 

We also have some efforts going on on a global scale. We have a donation drive benefiting Hurricane Sandy victims. Besides various goods, we have a need for volunteers to come join us down where the most destruction occurred. Anything you can do to help the cause.

On the list on minor mentions, I had the exclusive opportunity to take home for a few days a Chrysler 200 sedan and I had figured that I could make a mention of my take on the vehicle. 

I am used to a hulky SUV like the one I own, but immediately upon entering the 200, I was in love! What’s not to love when you have Xenon headlights, LED tail lights, and above all else, 31 MPG? The amount of luxury onside a 200, just doesn’t compare to other vehicles on the market! I was impressed with the minor details as well such as badging on the seats, illuminated cup holders and featuring one of the best engines ever created. Really! In doing research, the V6 Pentastar engine is on the list for best ever! If you are looking for a new sedan or considering one for the first time(like I am), I think the 200 is the car to consider. After 2 days, I was sad to give it up! See what I mean?

We want you to know that we are here and willing to help our community. If you know of any charitable causes that you would like me to mention here or propose to our committee, feel free to email me:

Have a great weekend,

Anthony & The Team at Bill Volz Westchester

A walk to remember
Hi followers,

We did it! The employees, staff, management, and family got together today(Sunday October 14, 2012) to raise awareness for such a debilitating disease. Alzheimer’s. We couldn’t have done it with out all of you, though. As a team, we raised $855.00 of which Steve Kaplan raised $118.00. WOW! On an honorary note, our very own Barbara Volz matched the entire donation and contributed $855.00 for a grand total of $1,710.00 to the organization surpassing our goal of $1,000.00

Besides walking for a good cause, we made some friends along the way. Such as sales consultant Jim Basli’s mom and grandmother who walked with us. They made for some great company. Here is a group shot of us during the event. 

Back row(L-R): Jim Basli’s mom, Jim Basli(sales Meadowland), Kenn Volz(General Manager), John Russell(Pre-Owned Manager Meadowland), John’s wife Rae, and Chelsea Hobbs(Bill Volz Westchester)

Second Row(L-R): Family of participants, Danielle Basiano(Bill Volz Westchester), Barbara Volz(Dealer Principal), Jenn Volz Sheppard(General Manager), Frannie(Bill Volz Westchester), Amy Volz, and Ryan(John and Rae’s son)

Front Row(L-R): Rachel(Bill Volz Westchester), Steve Kaplan(sales Meadowland), Anthony Hazzard(Social Media-Volz Auto Group)

We all decorated a flower pin-wheel in honor of someone we know that: A) Has Alzheimer’s; B) Passed away with the disease or C) Want to stop Alzheimer’s all together. Here is a shot of the pin-wheels lined up.

Once again, I would like to personally thank the employees and their family for giving up part of their Sunday(some their only day off) to help support a good cause. I certainly cannot forget to mention our customers and Facebook fans who spread the word about the event and for getting involved on our pages. We appreciate it.

Until next time…

Anthony Hazzard

Community committee events

We have the Alzheimer’s walk taking place this Sunday October 13th at 9AM. The location? 110 Old Route 6: Carmel, NY. Come join the Community Committee and walk with us!
Join our team online if you’d like:
Community committee events

We have the Alzheimer’s walk taking place this Sunday October 13th at 9AM. The location? 110 Old Route 6: Carmel, NY. Come join the Community Committee and walk with us!

Join our team online if you’d like:

Can one person define the True test of Ownership?

So what do you think when I tell you that more people come back to buy a Town & Country over any other mini-van on the market? Well, its totally true! 

Check out the true Test of Ownership

Life is hectic enough so why not drive a vehicle that can keep up with you and do so with a safety minded focus.